Sebastian Wehrle Photography Exhibitions

Sebastian Wehrle is a photographer living in working in the Black Forest region of Germany. His photographic series, Facing Tradition, involves hyper-realistic images of modern-day women and men dressed up in traditional German attire– creating an inspired convergence of the present with the past, reality with artifice.

Wehrle came to photography later in life, after a brief career as a stove mason followed by a life-changing cycling trip around the Americas and Asia. Today, he operates a photo studio in Freiamt, Germany and offers portrait and wedding photography to supplement his creative pursuits.

Wehrle’s work will be on exhibit this summer at Galerie Supper in Baden-Baden, from 20 July. Then, come autumn, the same pieces will animate the walls of Dr Beschnidt’s aesthetic dental practice at Villa Stéphanie. Dr Beschnidt is sensitive to the reality that, for most people, a visit to the dentist is not the most pleasurable experience there is. That’s why he works hard to create an atmosphere where patients feel relaxed and at-ease, with something stimulating to look at that takes the focus off of the task at hand. Learn more about Dr Beschnidt’s art exhibitions at Villa Stéphanie here.

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