Unforgettable Driving Experiences with McLaren

Owning a McLaren supercar is one of the headiest experiences that life can offer. But even if you don’t have one to call your own (yet), McLaren hosts driving experiences all over the world for supercar enthusiasts. All you need to do is suit up and slide into the driver’s seat.

One such experience is called Pure McLaren, and it consists of race circuit driving tuition and solo driving on some of the most famous speedways in the world. McLaren proposes a range of models to choose from, and if you’re an owner, you can bring yours to test-drive on the track. Pure McLaren experiences range in length from half an hour to two and a half hours and vary in complexity from first-time coaching to advanced performance driving with the option of earning a UK National Bracing licence—the first step to becoming a certified racing driver.

Another extraordinary experience offered by the supercar giant is the McLaren Factory Handover. This is for new buyers of a McLaren. The automaker will host you at the McLaren Technology Centre in Woking, England, where you will be welcomed into the VIP entrance with a Champagne reception upon arrival. Then comes the grand reveal, where your McLaren supercar is presented to you behind a set of sliding doors—a monumental ceremony for a most exciting occasion. Once you’ve become acquainted with your dazzling new set of wheels, the McLaren team will accompany you to the Centre’s private dining facility overlooking the lake for a gourmet lunch. The Factory Handover experience can also include a tour of the Technology Centre, where you will learn about the technical ins-and-outs of McLaren manufacturing and its history. Additionally, a day of track driving can be arranged for you to test-drive your new supercar under the tuition of McClaren’s expert Pro-Drivers.

Learn more about the next Pure McLaren event happening 9–10 July at the Donington Park circuit in United Kingdom, here. And if you’re thinking about investing in your very own McLaren, read up on the incredible Factory Handover experience here.

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