Summer Self Care Hero Product

Ligne St Barth is a gorgeous line of self-care products that are entirely produced on the island of St Barths. Since 2015, Eden Spa has partnered with Ligne St Barth to offer a luxurious body treatment menu infused with local botanicals. Crafting oils, creams and bath products from ingredients harvested on the island, Ligne St Barth has created its own special niche of Caribbean body care.

One of the brand’s cult products is the amber coloured Avocado Oil, fragranced with the divine scent of tiaré flower. Ideal for use on dry or mature skin and hair, this lightweight oil absorbs quickly and provides a rejuvenating glow that lasts all day. It can be used as a daily moisturizing treatment for skin after showering, and is particularly effective in the prevention of stretch marks during pregnancy. It also nourishes the hair and increases its natural shine when used as a 30-minute mask on damp hair. And when you feel like going all the way with at-home pampering, add a few drops of Ligne St Barth Avocado Oil to a warm bath and relax as your cares drift away.

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