Beautiful Backgammon: Alexandra Llewellyn for Jumby Bay Island

Alexandra Llewellyn is a London-based artist who has devoted her career to creating stunning, bespoke backgammon boards and other luxury games. A lifelong backgammon player, Llewellyn was inspired by the impromptu games she played with strangers on the streets of Cairo whilst visiting her grandmother there as a child. Her boards feature exquisite wood marquetry with rich leather panelling and playing pieces made from semi-precious stones. An Alexandra Llewellyn board is—at the risk of sounding terribly cliché—truly a gift that keeps on giving.

In collaboration with Eden Being since 2017, Llewellyn has created limited edition backgammon boards inspired by a selection of Oetker Collection hotels. This year, the artist has added a new board to the range, printed in banana tree leaves and tropical wildlife that capture the inimitable beauty of Jumby Bay Island. The custom board is displayed for guest use in the Estate House at Jumby Bay and can be made to order through Eden Being online.

Alexandra Llewellyn’s handcrafted backgammon boards are a unique treasure for a warm and welcoming home. Preserve the memory of your holidays with an Oetker Collection inspired board from Eden Being.

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