10 green and healthy questions for Fabian Nusser, Manager at Villa Stéphanie

Can you honestly say that you enjoy eating healthily?

Absolutely. It is always a composite of physical and mental health, only the two work together.

Vegetarian or vegan?

Neither nor. However, I am very conscious about purchasing only biological local fish and meat.

Have you adopted any green habits?

I love my green smoothie in the morning, the energy giver for the day.

Are there any green products that you can’t live without?

Beside my green smoothie, rocket salad and broccoli.

When did you commit to living green?

When I was still overweight and realised that I had to take better care of myself.

What’s your favourite green trend at the moment?

Green bowls.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to begin eating a healthier diet?

Start slowly by adding green ingredients to your meal and increase over time.

Oetker Collection’s Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa has introduced a new dining concept with Fritz & Felix. What makes Fritz & Felix stand out in the Baden-Baden restaurant scene?

The possibility to combine healthy food with comfort food.

Are there other health-oriented offers for guests at Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa?

The whole concept of Villa Stéphanie is health-orientated and was created to take care of our guest’s health issues.

Anything new to come?

The Rooms Service menu at Villa Stéphanie will be fully adapted to the healthy cuisine concept.

What is your personal definition of ‘green’?

Rich in nutrients, seasonal, local, sustainable and delicious.

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