Franck Leroy: Right-Hand Man at Epicure

Franck Leroy is second in command to Chef Eric Frechon at Epicure, Le Bristol Paris’ three Michelin starred restaurant. Leroy joined Le Bristol Paris twenty-four years ago (four years ahead of Frechon) and has dedicated his career to striving for culinary perfection day after day at Epicure. He was awarded the prestigious Meilleur Ouvrier de France (MOF) award in 2000—an honour received by fewer than 250 chefs since it was created in 1925. Franck Leroy, like Eric Frechon, is a native of Normandy. Whether or not their common roots are the cause, it is clear to see that the pair makes a world-class team, upholding the French gastronomic tradition to its highest potential at Le Bristol Paris.

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