Live-in Expo: Bertrand Lavier’s Suite Paris at Le Bristol Paris

Oetker Collection’s Le Bristol Paris is unveiling an exciting collaboration with French contemporary artist, Bertrand Lavier: An exclusive art expo suite. The Suite Paris features a brightly coloured reception room decorated in the style of Lavier’s Disney Productions series, inspired by a Walt Disney comic strip about Mickey and Minnie’s visit to a modern art museum.

Lavier has reproduced the museum as Disney drew it, interpreting the imaginary abstract paintings on actual canvases and the sculptures in three dimensions. The result is a live-in exhibit complete with mid-century inspired furniture for a true immersion in the 1970s Disney cartoon scene. The Bertrand Lavier collaboration with Le Bristol Paris also colours the public space. Three more of the artist’s Disney Productions series sculptures that will enhance the Palace Hotel’s gardens throughout the summer season.

Bertrand Lavier is an artist whose career spanning five decades has challenged the art world and art viewers to adopt new perspectives and to never take anything at face value. His work has been exhibited at some of the world’s most prestigious art institutions—including a major retrospective at the Centre Pompidou in 2012. And yet, the 70-year-old artist never tires of new opportunities to overturn expectations and create something entirely new.

Read more about the Le Bristol Paris x Bertrand Lavier Suite Paris and book your stay here.

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