Almost Private: Colombier Beach in St Barths

All it takes is a moderate 30-minute hike to arrive at one of the most beautiful and secluded white sand beaches on St Barths. Colombier Beach is located just beyond a rocky hill and is a lovely location for swimming, snorkelling or simply having a nap in the smooth sand. The hike to get there takes you through a narrow, forested path where you might even cross paths with some indigenous wildlife like tortoises and mountain goats.

Hiking to Colombier Beach is not for the faint of heart, but the reward on the other side is well worth it. It isn’t as simple to reach as other beaches on the island, so those who dare to take the challenge will be welcomed by a nearly empty beach just to themselves. Allow Eden Rock to pack a picnic for you to take along on the journey. Once you arrive, you’ll be happy to have some delicious food to enjoy as you take in the stunning views.

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