A Seventy-Year Tale of Cinema Told by Paris Match

For seventy years, actresses, actors, film-makers, legendary couples and timeless stars have lit up the silver screen’s dark rooms and sparkled in the pages of Paris Match like nowhere else. For seven decades, they have been immortalised in Cannes, Hollywood and Cinecittà. But not just there.

Brigitte Bardot – © Gérard Géry / Paris Match


For top photographers at Paris Match, cinema legends have opened their doors and their hearts too, often laying bare their souls. Like flashes of sunlight, snapshots of life illustrate this long history of glamour. Hundreds of prestigious covers have been produced.

Glory, beauty, charisma and seduction have never been lacking. Paris Match was established in 1949, the year when two works that have become cult films—‘The Third Man’ and ‘Jour de fête’—were released. In this way, two momentous icons of cinema—Orson Welles and Jacques Tati—stood beside us as godfathers. We could have done worse than that. That year also marked the birth of stars who would later shine repeatedly in our magazine’s pages. They included Meryl Streep, Sissy Spacek, Sigourney Weaver, Fanny Ardant, Pedro Almodóvar, Jeff Bridges and Richard Gere.

Others followed, and Paris Match was ever present. As a witness to its era, the magazine reflected its age in all fields.

Claude Lelouch – © François Pagès / Paris Match


So, since 1949, cinema legends have glittered in Paris Match like gems twinkling in a jewellery case made just for them. Decade after decade. Fashions change, but celebrity status lives on.

Seventy years of dreams. A long journey taken together. An exhibition-sale of twenty-two photos—each shot numbered and signed—will be inaugurated on 16 May 2019 at Hôtel du Cap-Eden-Roc. It will stay open for viewing until mid-October.

Twenty-two pearls of photography. And as many dazzling icons sublimated, forming a galaxy of cinema giants.

An unmissable flight taking you close to the stars.

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