Lose Weight for the Summer with Villa Stéphanie

As summertime approaches, it’s very common to become aware of the effects that winter’s cold months may have had on one’s waistline. What previously hid convincingly beneath chunky sweaters and wool coats must now see the light of day—and that can be overwhelming.

How do you accumulate weight without even noticing it, and—more importantly—how to shed it once it’s there? The weight loss industry is saturated with advice and diet plans to keep you reading for years on end, but what really works?

The truth is, gaining weight is simple— but losing weight requires dedication, and it can be very difficult to get started on your own. Without proper analysis by a doctor or dietician, it’s difficult to know what your pitfalls are and how best to avoid them. For instance, some people’s metabolisms require specific nutrients to boost the body into a state where it will begin to burn off excess weight. And for certain body types, one form of exercise can be more fruitful than others for maintaining a consistent routine.

Oetker Collection’s Villa Stéphanie has developed a medically supported Weight Loss Programme that first helps you understand what your personal barriers to maintaining a healthy weight are, then sets you on a diet and exercise plan geared specifically to your body chemistry. Over 10 days in beautiful Baden-Baden, Germany, you receive personalised guidance from one of our Weight Loss Specialists, 3 meals per day in accordance with your bespoke diet plan, daily personal fitness training and 8 soothing spa treatments. You will begin to see results after the 10-day stay, and the Programme equips you with the knowledge and tools to achieve—and maintain—your ultimate weight loss goal.

Summer is right around the corner. Learn more about the medical Weight Loss Programme at Villa Stéphanie here.

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