Eden Rocks Diamonds: Interview with Spencer Matthews, Co-founder

Eden Rocks Diamonds began as a passion project between co-founders Spencer Matthews and Neil Duttson, and has quickly grown into a sought-after service for bespoke fine jewellery design. In conversation with Spencer, we learnt a bit more about what the duo offers. (Spoiler alert: it isn’t only diamonds.)

Spencer, rumour has it that you got interested in jewellery design when it came time to propose to your (now) wife Vogue, but we’d like to hear it from you. What inspired you to create Eden Rocks?

As a child, I got really interested in semi-precious stones after visiting a Parisian flea market with my family, and I have always been keen on design. Creating Vogue’s engagement ring opened my eyes to the diamond business and the services that I felt the industry lacked. We created Eden Rocks to offer a bespoke jewellery experience wherein we bring our clients’ creative ideas to life.

You and Neil built the business together. What roles do you both fill?

Neil knows everything there is to know about diamonds and can source any stone at a competitive rate. I bring clients of all shapes and sizes. As for the jewellery–we design each piece together.

 What do you and Neil look for in a diamond?

We first examine the ‘lustre’ of the stone—and then the proportions, symmetry and cut. The lustre of a diamond creates the fire or ‘bling’, as it were. A diamond’s quality & price are determined by the 4C’s: Colour, Cut, Clarity & Carat. In diamond selection, we use these four qualities as a guide to choosing the right stone for our client.

 Where are Eden Rocks sourced?

Our stones are sourced from a handful of family suppliers with whom we have worked for over 18 years. All of our suppliers are members of the Kimberly process—a certification scheme to prevent the trade of conflict diamonds. We also carry our own stock of ethically sourced, rare coloured diamonds.

Are there any pieces that a customer can buy ‘off the shelf’?

We have created a series of St Barths keepsake bracelets in a range of colours, available now online. When Eden Rock–St Barths reopens in November 2019, the first full Eden Rocks collection will be on display for guests to peruse and try on at Eden Being.

 Say I’d like to have a pendant designed using a diamond from my late grandmother’s engagement ring. Do you work with heirloom stones?

We do indeed, and are honoured to offer guidance when it comes to designing new jewellery pieces out of heirloom gems.

Besides the classic diamond, what other precious stones do you offer?

Whatever stone our customers would like, we can source it in the finest quality.

 I have an idea for my dream bespoke jewellery design. How do I get in touch?

Please drop us an email at hello@edenrocks.co.uk and we’ll get the ball rolling on that dream.


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