Expo: Erick Ifergan at Chateau Saint-Martin

The collaboration between Chateau Saint-Martin & Spa and artist Erick Ifergan began last year with his work The Tree of Life, an enveloping 3D mural that decorates the chapel. This year, the hotel has organised an exposition of Ifergan’s paintings and sculpture works in the gallery.

Erick Ifergan is a Moroccan-born French artist working across film, photography, painting and sculpture. He studied photography and filmmaking at the University of California–Los Angeles (UCLA) and quickly became a go-to music video director for French artists such as J.J. Goldman, Alain Souchon and Patricia Kaas—as well as international stars like Rod Stewart. Later, Ifergan started his own production company—Serial Dreamer—to create campaigns for clients such as Apple, Dior, Audi and Sony.

Ifergan has always maintained a steady balance between his commercial and artistic pursuits. In 2006, he wrote and directed an independent film based on Oscar Wilde’s Salomé, entitled Johnny316. Today, the artist lives between Los Angeles—where Serial Dreamer is based—and Vallauris, France, where he follows his artistic muse in the combined media of painting and ceramics.

Discover Erick Ifergan’s work at Chateau Saint-Martin & Spa in Vence, France this summer. Book your stay here.

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