Oetker Collection’s 4 Corporate Social Responsibility Commitments for 2019

Each year, we at Oetker Collection work to deepen our Corporate Social Responsibility commitment to our employees, our guests, our local communities and the planet at large. In 2019, we are kicking off 4 initiatives in ethical engagement that align with our company values of equality, sustainability, and community.

1. Respect Human Rights

Oetker Collection has instituted a Group Equality Label for all employees. The goal of this initiative is to eliminate discrimination and harassment, and to promote equal opportunity in the workplace.

2. Consume Responsibly

We are using technology to help us reduce waste and unnecessary consumption of natural resources. We are also giving preference to suppliers who engage in sustainable practices, and who share our commitment to safeguarding the environment and vulnerable ecosystems.

3. Ensure Environmental Awareness

Oetker Collection’s nine Masterpiece Hotels are spread over three continents, and each has its own, unique challenges when it comes to environmental responsibility. In 2019, we are investing in resources and targeted training to confront the specific challenges at each property. At the same time, we hope to inspire our guests, employees and partners to engage in our vision for a sustainable future.

4. Engage with Sustainable Communities

One quality that makes Oetker Collection unique is our ability to adopt the local feel wherever we go. This year, we are taking it a step further by giving preference to local producers and artisans who sustain regional traditions. We are also supporting local communities in projects geared toward protecting the environment and promoting opportunities for youth.

Learn more about Oetker Collection Corporate Social Responsibility commitments here.

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