Pauline Moriceau, Guest Relations Manager at Eden Rock–St Barths

Pauline is here to welcome you to Eden Rock–St Barths and help make your stay with us an unforgettable one.

Pauline joined the team at Eden Rock–St Barths in 2010. From the moment she arrived in Saint Barthélemy, her talent for hospitality shone as brightly as the Caribbean sun. Initially charged with Villa guest experience, her smile and personable attitude made an immediate impression. It was only natural that she would become Guest Relations Manager—the person whose job it is to ensure the comfort and wellbeing of every guest.

“I’m never very far away,” Pauline says with a smile. “As soon as our guests arrive, I am at their disposal to meet their needs.”

If there is a particular time of day when guests can have meaningful exchanges with Pauline, it’s a breakfast. “In the morning, before the day gains momentum, I come around to each table and chat with our guests to find out if their stay is meeting their expectations—if everything is satisfactory—and how we can improve!” Pauline’s focus is on ensuring a flawlessstay for our guests, and she does so with a personal approach that has made her an integral part of the Eden Rock–St Barths experience.

“At Eden Rock, we try to surprise our guests, create memorable friendships, and demonstrate that—here—we are like family.”

A true connoisseur of St Barths’ loveliest spots to visit, Pauline is on-hand to offer recommendations. “I love to share my favourite places, little-known island treasures, the best restaurants and must-do activities.” Pauline is delighted to offer guests an itinerary to maximise their pleasure while visiting St Barths. Her greatest happiness is to see guests arrive back at the hotel from day-to-day—and year-to-year—with smiling faces.

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