Natural Swimming Pools in St Barths

For adventurous hikers visiting St Barths, one of the island’s most magical hidden treasures is a chain of natural swimming pools located along the coast near the Anse du Petit Cul-de-Sac. Almost completely hidden from view, they are difficult to find without detailed directions. The Eden Rock staff and Villa concierges are happy to explain how to get there.

These natural pools can only be accessed by foot, and the hike from the nearest parking area is about 30 minutes long. It’s best to pick a day where there is minimal wind as the hike’s final stage includes a challenging descent of the craggy seaside cliffs, which can be dangerous in windy conditions.

Once you arrive, you get the sense that you’ve truly landed in paradise. The three adjacent aquamarine pools invite you to float and swim in utter tranquillity. For an adrenaline rush, climb up one of the smooth cliffs and take a leap! The smooth and gentle water will catch you.

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