Kiyindo Shiatsu: The Best Kept Secret in Wellbeing

Kiyindo Shiatsu is a pain relief and body-rebalancing technique developed by Pierre Clavreux. Inspired by the principles of traditional Japanese Shiatsu, the technique uses touch to relieve tension, ease pain and recalibrate the nervous system to a more relaxed state.

A Kiyindo Shiatsu treatment is for anyone who would like to feel more at home in their body, and can be especially beneficial to those suffering from acute muscle tension, chronic pain and stress. The technique stimulates energy trapped in the body’s meridians in order to achieve a more integrated feeling of freedom. Viewing the body as an inter-connected system, the Kiyindo Shiatsu practitioner uses targeted touch to remove tension blockages wherever they exist and rebalance the body’s equilibrium—relieving pain symptoms and preventing future suffering due to imbalance.

As with many bodywork practices, Kiyindo Shiatsu is as beneficial to the mind and emotions as it is to the physical body. The technique’s ability to remove physical tension and stabilise the nervous system helps prime the mind to be more aware of the present moment and process emotions—as they arise—with more ease. If you struggle to get your mindfulness practice off the ground, a great way to start is with a deep energy rebalancing treatment like Kiyindo Shiatsu.

Baden-Baden’s Villa Stéphanie offers exclusive Kiyindo Shiatsu treatments with founder Pierre Clavreux. Learn more and book a session here.

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