St Barths Wellbeing Hikes with Aminata

Eden Spa has formed a partnership with St Barths local wellbeing expert, Aminata, to offer group hikes exploring some of the island’s most breath-taking locations.

Hiking with Aminata is a terrific way to engage in quality exercise during your stay at Eden Rock St Barths– all whilst taking in the exquisite views in a social setting.

A morning hike to Colombier beach with Aminata sets your day off to a healthy and mood-boosting start, and an evening hike to the Pointe Milou — with its astounding cliffs and sunset view — ensures you’ll get a great night’s sleep. Aminata’s guided hikes are the perfect way to discover St Barths’ secret spots that can only be accessed on foot.

Go deeper into wellbeing with Eden Spa. Learn more here.

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