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Interview with Fabian Nusser, Manager at Villa Stéphanie.

What makes the “Stéphanie feel” so special? 

Villa Stéphanie is the perfect place to unwind, relax and get medical care. What’s more, it comes in a 5-star superior hotel with an exclusive ambience. Ideal for both individuals and couples looking for an oasis of peace during a stay of five to ten days.

What can guests expect at Villa Stéphanie?

All those who want to do something for themselves will find here the ideal place to simply be pampered around the clock. Our concern is for the guests to feel like they are in paradise here. And do something for their health and beauty at the same time. And – last but not least – for their inner balance. We offer luxury, but at the same time, we work specifically to achieve the individual goals. With beauty treatments, such as exclusive facials or massages, yoga and shiatsu. Relax in our 500 square metre sauna area with a hammer and ladies sauna or in the pool and look into the greenery – that is sensational in itself. Together with our experts, we can also explain what you can and cannot expect of your body. We help guests and give them tips and instructions on how to be pro-active in everyday life. This is not only a matter of weight loss, but also of the right weight management.

What does deceleration mean? How important is activity?

The Villa Stéphanie house alone is pure deceleration. It calms you down and lets you completely escape from everyday life. The house comes with a certain basic setup. Movement is an enormously important part of life. People are evolutionarily designed to move. Our personal trainers are specialised in targeted activities that are individually tailored to the guest. A stay at Villa Stéphanie is the kick-off for a healthier life.

What are you particularly proud of?

Of the whole team. And of the unique combination of luxurious spa and medical expertise. There is no other place like it. We are particularly proud of the unique symbiosis with our cooperation partners, such as the doctors. They personify the 5-star luxury, which means that if a hotel guest needs a doctor’s appointment at 8 pm, we can arrange it.

How important is nature for the guests?

Essential. We are surrounded by the most beautiful landscape. Many of our programmes take place outside. The KING’S WAY, for example, includes a morning walk through nature. There are countless possibilities for outdoor activities. Walking, hiking, climbing or cycling. In winter and summer alike.

What does Baden-Baden contribute to this?

In addition to the medical care offers, the urban charm plays a decisive role for a successful stay. Baden-Baden offers a unique environment in this regard. Theatre, the Festival Hall, casino, museums, shopping facilities, nature and of course the beautiful Black Forest right on your doorstep.

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