Capture the sense of a night at Le Bristol

The legendary jewel of Oetker Collection, in partnership with the prestigious Laboratoire KOS PARIS, has created a new Pillow Mist, as sublime and refined as a night at Le Bristol Paris on rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré.

Following on from our line of beauty oils, Le Bristol Paris’ latest elixir is inspired by the Palace bedrooms, eliciting the sweetest of dreams. Each of Le Bristol Paris’ fragrances blissfully evoke the Palace and gardens, from orange grove to cascades of roses; this Pillow Mist infuses your nights with lavender, freesia, sandalwood and white musk.

With just one touch, gently spritz the light mist in the hollow of your pillow to begin the sensory journey of your dreams.

With the natural essences concentrated in Le Bristol’s Pillow Mist, you will rest on a delicately scented cloud, evoking the refined pleasures of a night at our palace hotel.

Le Bristol Paris’s Brume d’Oreiller (Pillow Mist) is available at Spa Le Bristol by La Prairie, 15-ml. 18 euros.

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