Autobianchi Bianchina “Eden-Roc”, the glamourous car of the Summer

There is no better backdrop for this chic, glamourous 1960s car than the Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc.

This 2018 season, the legendary palace and jewel of the Oetker Collection hosts an Autobianchi Bianchina “Eden-Roc” for their guests’ pleasure.

The Autobianchi brand, founded in 1955, was created by Eduardo Bianchi, the former founder of the eponymous brand, during a time when Pirelli wanted to sell their tires, and Fiat could barely keep up with the booming demand of the Italian automobile industry. After two years, the brand launched its first model, the Bianchina Trasformabile (convertible), inspired by the Fiat 500 convertible’s roof. Though the cabriolet graced the other side of the Alps in 1960, it was not sold in France until 1964 by André Chardonnet, an Italian automobile importer, under the revamped, more accessible name, “Eden Roc”. Of the 9,300 cabriolets made between 1960 and 1968, only 3,150 were Eden Roc models.

There is no doubt that André Chardonnet had a few tricks up his sleeve to promote his cars: he immediately got the star of the moment, Brigitte Bardot, on the scene to showcase “Eden Roc”. A master of product placement before his time, he gave a small Bianchina “Eden Roc” to Bardot, who promoted it through celebrity magazine shoots.

Today, the Bianchina “Eden Roc” is one of the most sought-after cars, and its rarity says it all. Apart from its quaint, glamorous charm, Bardot’s effect is a rare touch that makes it a collector’s gem.

The Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc customized the small Autobianchi Bianchina “Eden Roc” in azure and embroidered the logo of the establishment and the name “Eden-Roc” on the leather seats.

This glamorous little number reflects Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc’s modest style. Guests can find it at the bottom of the hotel’s main driveway and whisk themselves away for a Mediterranean spin.

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