Beauty Edit – My ten travel favourites by Laura Bailey

Having travelled all over the world for work and pleasure, I’ve learned from experience the benefits of packing light. So, when it comes to stocking up my wash bag, I only bring the skincare and beauty products that I can’t live without.

Here’s the edit of my top 10:

1.SISLEY – Super Soin Solaire Milky Body Mist SPF 30

After my moisturizer (#3), this SPF body mist is the most essential skincare product in my travel bag. The fine mist goes on evenly and creates a protective (and sweet-smelling) barrier from the sun’s harmful rays. I apply it at least twice a day – more if I’m spending time outdoors.

2. CHANEL – Sublimage Essential Confort Cleanser

I’ve been using this cleanser for years because it has everything I look for in a face wash. The jojoba and camellia oil blend removes all makeup and nourishes my skin, leaving it feeling silky smooth without any leftover residue.

3. LA MER – CRÈME DE LA MER (travel size)

This is my forever hero product. The luxuriously rich formula hydrates my skin, targeting the inevitable dryness that comes with long plane journeys. I always slick a thin layer on my face as a preventative measure before boarding. A must.

4. JOSH WOOD COLOUR – Everything Mask (Hair)

This mask is how I keep my hair nourished between salon visits. It’s great for both colour-treated and non-colour-treated hair, and it softens every strand for a glossy finish and smooth texture. Great for once-a-week use after washing.

5. TATA HARPER – Hydrating Floral Essence

I was really into K beauty until I discovered Tata Harper. This floral essence is the most natural product in my travel regimen, and I love how it hydrates and plumps my skin all at once. I spray it on for a midday pick-me-up when I’m feeling jet lagged but have to push through for work.

6. CHARLOTTE TILBURY – Wonderglow primer and Beach Stick In Las Salinas

These two Charlotte Tilbury products give me a touch of natural-looking colour. I love the Wonderglow primer for its dewy finish, and the Beach Stick blush is very easy to apply – even on the go.

7. CHANEL Mascara (Le Volume In Noir) and eyeliner (Stylo Yeux Waterproof In Espresso)

For travel eye makeup, I only use Chanel. The waterproof eyeliner pencil and Le Volume mascara go on in the morning and always look just as fresh come evening.

8. DR BARBARA STURM – Glow Drops SPF 50

I apply a thin layer of Glow Drops every day after moisturizing and before applying my primer. They give my skin an instant lift that always makes me feel ready to conquer whatever the day has in store.

9. Mermaid Shampoo #1

This all-natural shampoo is sulphate free and has a divine fragrance of coconut and orange blossom. I bring it with me everywhere I go because I refuse to wash my hair with anything else.

10. Chanel BOY Fragrance

More Chanel… can you tell that I’m Parisienne at heart? This unisex fragrance has citrusy notes mixed with lavender, rose and sandalwood. It’s a complex scent that evolves throughout the day, so it’s kind of like having several perfumes packed into one small bottle.


Your turn. What are your top self-care essentials for travel?

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