Parfums de Marly: Fragrances With History

Since the 18th century, France has been the capital of fragrance design for the entire world. Many storied scents from leading Parisian luxury houses have made their mark, but the French perfume lineage reaches at least as far back as the reign of King Louis XV. Parfums de Marly evokes this extraordinary legacy with distinctive fragrances for women and men.

Louis XV was obsessed with two things: perfume and horses. His personal perfumer, Jean Fargeon, designed countless scents for the King, who requested a different perfume to be diffused in his palace apartments each day. His love of horses led him to designate an entire castle and its grounds to the breeding and care of his thoroughbreds. The Marly Castle became associated with King Louis XV’s horses and two impressive statues titled The Horses of Marly stand at the foot of the Champs-Élysées today.

Parfums de Marly brings together the two obsessions of France’s penultimate King. Each scent is blended with essences as pure as the thoroughbred horses that inspired them. The formulations are sophisticated and refined in the tradition of Jean Fargeon. With feminine, masculine and unisex scents to match a variety of olfactory preferences, each perfume comes in an alluring bottle designed to reflect the fragrance it holds.

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