The Work of a Ceramist Mastered in Chocolate

An Easter Egg and artistic masterpiece created at the Parisian bastion of gastronomy Le Bristol Paris, pearl of Oetker Collection.

Inspiration can spring from anywhere at any time which makes it all the more magic. Julien Alvarez, avant-garde patissier to the Palace kitchens, found his inspiration in a ceramics studio in Puglia, which led to the luminous Easter creation.

In the South of Italy, in a small village, potters with ancient knowledge shape the raw earth into things of delicate beauty. Fascinated by the craftsmanship and infinite game played with natural materials, Julien Alvarez, determined to recreate the work of a ceramist in his own mastered material: chocolate.

For Le Bristol Paris, encouraged by Eric Frechon, Julien Alvarez realized the seemingly bold. The egg’s fine shell is delicately pierced to reveal an emblematic “B”, the signature of a Palace that never ceases to dazzle. Made with 73% dark chocolate from Jamaica it is turned pure white with an enamel of cocoa butter. Le Bristol Easter Egg is pure and luminous, when pierced with light as that of an exquisite hand crafted lantern.

This limited edition Easter Egg by Julien Alvarez is available exclusively by order from Café Antonia, 110euros. The hollow pierced sculpture is made with 73% dark chocolate from Jamaica and coated in a pure white cocoa butter.

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