Unconventional Beauty: Shell Beach

Shell Beach is a little patch of paradise located within walking distance from the centre of Gustavia.

Unlike the typical St Barths white sand beach, this shoreline is entirely covered in small seashells, giving it an unusually picturesque quality.

Set in between two large cliffs, the secluded beach’s calm, turquoise water is brimming with colourful fish. It’s the perfect spot for snorkelling or a leisurely swim. And for thrill-seekers, the cliffs on either side offer a safe jump-off point for cliff diving. There’s often a group of young locals on-site to show how it’s done.

If cliff diving isn’t your thing, you can enjoy the view and a cocktail on a comfortable sunbed at the beautiful beachside Greek restaurant, Shellona. Don’t forget to stay until sunset; Shell Beach offers one of the most exquisite views on the island.

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