Sweet dreams

Enjoy a delicious combination of jewellery and pâtisserie by Le Bristol Paris’s Chef Pâtissier, Julien Alvarez.

Fine jewellery and high-end pâtisserie might at first seem to make an unlikely pairing. But when one considers the affinities between the two skills, both involving the sourcing of raw natural ingredients and their transformation into fantastic confections using imagination and finely honed technique, all becomes clear.

Just as the jeweller works magic with precious stones, minerals and metals, so the artisan pâtissier executes his with beans, pods, nuts, seeds and sugar crystals. Both conceive of and execute creations designed to please the eye and tempt the senses with their miniature works of art.

But no pâtissier’s handiwork could be better suited to sit alongside luxe baubles than that of Julien Alvarez, for the award-winning Chef Pâtissier at Le Bristol Paris is also the master of trompe-l’oeil. A perfect mango seems an ideal complement to the more complex shapes of an elegant pearl necklace… but under the fruit’s sunset-hued skin is an exotic combination of coconut biscuit and mango mousse. The trickery goes on delighting: a marble box seems a natural setting for some Art Deco-inspired white gold and crystal drop-earrings, yet the cut of a knife reveals it is simply a cunningly disguised chocolate shell encasing layers of marbled chocolate and vanilla cake. The visual treats of bejewelled gold against dark chocolate or a cluster of sweet golden ore are at their most dramatic in the recreated prized black truffles, a soft concoction of biscuit and hazelnut enveloping a gianduja cream.

Too good to eat, perhaps? Not surprisingly, the guests at Le Bristol think otherwise.

La mangue wears Tasaki Atelier “Nacreous” necklace


Le marbré wears Atelier Swarovski “Mosaic” long earrings


La truffe wears Chanel Joaillerie “Fleur de Nacre” bracelet and Chanel Joaillerie “Tuxedo” ring


La demi-sphère en chocolat wears Lorenz Balmer “Mikado” and “Mikado Aquarelle” rings


La pépite d’or wears Reza “Ruban” rings

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