Sustainable sipping at Eden Rock – St Barths

This year at Eden Rock – St Barths, we are expanding our commitment to reduce waste by discontinuing all use of plastic straws and disposable drinking cups in our restaurants and bars.

St Barths is one of Oetker Collection’s cherished island homes, and we are dedicated to supporting its delicate ecosystem. Through our Corporate Social Responsibility pact, we have put several exciting changes in motion to help promote a healthy environment, and curbing plastic use is just the beginning. (During your stay, you may also notice the quiet hum of 9 brand new electric cars, at your disposal for getting around the island).

We trust that our guests will respect our waste-reduction efforts. Of course, you will still be able to swirl the ice cubes in your reusable cup with our 100% biodegradable straws; it’s just that now you can sip your bevvy in the tranquil knowledge that you are helping to protect the exquisite island you’ve come to enjoy, and the planet at large.

Who wouldn’t drink to that?

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