A few weeks ago, Eden Rock – St Barths started farming !

We are delighted to announce the launch an eco-friendly hydroponic garden at the hotel.

Eden Rock-St Barths has constructed an on-site indoor hydroponic growing system at the back of the Cup’s, our staff area. The grow house will produce a large portion of the greens that the hotel serves at its restaurant, from thyme, rosemary, coriander, basil, chilis, mint to cherry tomatoes…

The hotel’s Head Chef Mathieu Fernandez has found that sourcing fresh, local, and organic greens is not only possible for a hotel located in St Barths but a great story to tell our guests friends.

Hydroponic gardens are essentially gardens that don’t make use of soil to nourish the contents of the garden. This method of gardening uses water to dissolve nutrients that are usually derived from soil, the plants’ roots are suspended in the water allowing it to absorb the essential nutrients needed to grow.

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