Eden Kids: prioritising children’s fun and learning

Eden Rock Villa Rentals provide the ideal setup for a family getaway in St Barths, and even more so now thanks to Eden Kids. 

Launched in January 2019, Eden Kids is a bespoke children’s activity programme designed for young ones aged 5 and up. Offering mediation and yoga classes, Eden Spa treatments, pastry making workshops and art lessons with local professionals, there is something that every child can enjoy.

The ERVR team wants to give parents the chance to completely unwind and relax, without feeling strained by their children’s high energy levels. Eden Kids activities are designed to occupy children’s bodies and minds by giving them something to experience, to concentrate on or to learn about. They also bring kids together to create happy holiday memories. Meanwhile, parents can take advantage of some well-deserved free time.

Stretch and Breathe

These 45-minute sessions combine the fundamentals of yoga and meditation and are taught by Eden Rock qualified yoga instructors. Novice yogis will get a new challenge, while the experienced student can maintain their practice while on holiday.


A Little Pampering

To release the tension out of their growing muscles or soothe their youthful skin, Eden Spa offers both a massage and a skin care treatment specially suited for children. Incorporating Ligne St Barths fragrant products, both treatments last 30 minutes and your loved one will come away feeling calm and relaxed.


Dessert, Anyone?

The pastry-making workshop is one of the most popular activities so far, and it’s no wonder why. For 2 hours, these kids get the undivided attention of Eden Rock’s pastry chef, Cassandre Verdier, who teaches them the ins-and-outs of making a picture-perfect treat.


Picasso in the Making

In partnership with the St Barths Artist’s Association, Eden Kids has designed a 1-hour art class to support children’s natural creativity, while also teaching them a little bit about art history. There is also the option to take a lesson in sculpture or photography. Who knows what they will create?

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