Maria Luiza & Oscar Americano Foundation

While you’re in São Paulo, a visit to the Americano Foundation is an enriching experience and a fascinating look into the mid-century life of an affluent Brazilian family.

Oscar Americano was a famous Brazilian engineer and entrepreneur who, following the death of his wife Maria Luiza in 1972, decided to donate their family home to the city of São Paulo for public viewings. The house was designed by architect Oswaldo Arthur Bratke and built in 1950 on lush green grounds where palms and pau brasil trees abound. Inside, the couple’s expansive collection of 16th-century paintings, historic portraits, sacred art and porcelain is on display– some pieces in a museum-like layout and others as part of the home’s original décor. Brazil’s history and heritage speak through the art, while the home itself harnesses the country’s natural environment like nowhere we’ve seen.

Maria Luiza & Oscar Americano Foundation
Av. Morumbi
4077 Morumbi
São Paulo
0055 11 3742 0077

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