Le Bar du Bristol’s daring after dark transformation

Le Bar du Bristol reveals a secret side to its character with B.A.D. evenings – Bristol After Dark, from 10pm Thursday to Saturday.

Insiders swerve from the usual lobby entrance, leading the way through a hidden side door, where the bar is discovered in a daring after dark guise, more irreverent and irresistible.

Approached through the strange calm of a long electric-blue corridor, like a peacock playing chameleon, the intriguing bar reveals itself as a Mr Hyde. With bluish halos that pierce the darkness, the Palace’s bar is transformed. The century-old oak paneling remains, the plush sofas and marble fireplace but now the bar exudes a provocative counter culture. Welcome to our B.A.D. evenings– Bristol After Dark – a luminous tribute to the deep night of a hotel bar that dares to challenge all the rules.

After dark, Le Bar du Bristol sees contrasting worlds collide, merge and reinvent themselves. Bartenders mix and twist original cocktails with bold virtuosity, cut crystal glasses clink and futuristic tempos pulsate on velvets as DJs meld their turntables with a live harp, violins or electric saxophones.

Bar Director Thierry Hernandez says,

“To reinvent itself, dare to create and advance our era, those are the essential things in the life of a Palace, even a historic one. That’s what we’re doing at Le Bar du Bristol. Changing the rules, surprising, bringing a subversive, provocative and offbeat touch to spice up the most distinguished evenings.”

Bristol After Dark nights bring a new beat to the heart of Le Bristol, dare to step off the beaten path with style.

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