Eisai Martini cocktail

The Treaty of Amity and Commerce between France and Japan celebrated its 160th anniversary on October 9, 2018. To mark the occasion, Chief Bartender at L’Apogée Courchevel and Château Saint-Martin & Spa, Philippe Kraemer, and his bar-back, Soraya Gady, created the now-legendary Sake cocktail they call Eisai Martini. This smooth martini balances bitter notes with an invigorating hint of ginger and green tea, and is named after the Zen monk who brought matcha back to Japan from China in 1191.

Why not try to mix one at home?

Eisai Martini cocktail



Ground fresh ginger and timut peppercorns

40ml Vodka

30ml Sake

1 tsp matcha powder

20ml ginger syrup

Orange bitters

Egg white


To garnish: orange rind + peppercorns + pansy flower


Santé! Kanpai!… Cheers!

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