Oh, the Caribbean glow

You know the one.

It’s that thing your skin does whenever you’re on holiday at St Barths and within a couple of days, all the imperfections you arrived with are gone.

Your pores become microscopic and a new radiance appears that you can never seem to manage back at home.

Ligne St Barths has set out to bottle the St Barths glow with their gorgeous line of skincare products that are produced entirely on the island. Made with local, natural ingredients like avocado and coconut oil, papaya and sugar cane, these products nourish and revitalise like nothing else. The range includes creams, oils and hair care with intoxicatingly sweet fragrances and science-backed formulas.

Eden Spa and Ligne St Barths have formed an exclusive partnership at Eden Rock. Each treatment you book at the spa incorporates one or more locally-produced Ligne St Barths products. During your Eden Rock stay, enhance your Caribbean glow with a massage or facial at Eden Spa. Then, don’t forget to grab a Ligne St Barths product or two from the boutique to maintain your radiant glow when you get home.

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