Kawaï: a dance for the senses

Every dish at Koori is as much a feast for the eyes as it is for the palette. We caught up with Eve Moncorger, Head Pastry Chef at L’Apogée Courchevel, to discover where she found her inspiration for the sumptuous Kawaï – her top pick from the Koori dessert menu this season.

“In Japanese, Kawaï means ‘cute’, and so I wanted to create something bite-sized. I imagined two shiny chocolate spheres filled with a soft surprise of cherry blossom tea flavoured cream, garnished with cacao bits and preserved cherries.”

The cherry tree is a Japanese icon and every spring, the country bursts into bloom with sakura (cherry blossoms).

“The plate décor represents a cherry tree that I designed out of cacao powder and gold.”

Eve’s Kawaï creation is so picturesque that one is reluctant to disturb its perfect presentation in order to taste it. But once you’ve mustered the courage (and snapped a few for the group chat), the nuanced flavours of chocolate and cherry blossom blend together in an elegant dance for the senses, the ideal finish to a mountain top meal at Koori. Reserve your table, and save room for dessert!

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