A secret revolution

There’s a culinary revolution afoot at Le Bristol Paris, where last October the Michelin three-star Chef Eric Frechon inaugurated a ‘Living Bread’ flourmill underneath the palace hotel.

“I wanted to bring ‘Living Bread’ back to the center of the gastronomic scene,”

says the chef of his collaboration with two bread revolutionaries, the husband-and-wife team of Roland and Valérie Feuillas of Cucugnan, a village in the Corbières region. Yet the ‘Living Bread’ concept goes far beyond simple bread: it reflects a commitment to culture and serves another illustration of Frechon’s constant quest for perfection.

“Bread is like an opening line, a handshake, or a first note: it sets the tone for everything that follows,”

he explains. By reintroducing the rare flavor and texture of perfect natural bread handmade from heirloom wheats like spelt, emmer and khorasan (aka the wheat of the Pharaohs), the Chef reclaims bread’s heritage and highlights his respect for terroir, agricultural honesty and the value of true craftsmanship.

In 2019, Eric Frechon is celebrating his 20th anniversary at Le Bristol Paris.








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