The art of backgammon

London artist Alexandra Llewellyn channels her creativity through the rules of an ancient table game.

Alexandra Llewellyn developed an affection for backgammon as a young girl when, on leisurely strolls through the city of Cairo while visiting her grandmother, she would be drawn into games with the locals at rickety tables set up on the pavement. Llewellyn was inspired by the wordless connection she shared with the strangers across the table, made possible by the universal rules of the age-old game. Years later, after studying art in Leeds and Santa Barbara, California, she drew on those early encounters in Cairo to design her first board.

The Llewellyn Design studio is located in Hackney, East London


Llewellyn’s backgammon boards are works of art that bring people together to converse, laugh and, most importantly, play. Special materials are sourced for each new inspiration, from the base wood to the semi-precious stone playing pieces, and each board is hand-assembled by expert craftsmen in the London studio. Llewellyn infuses her wit into each design by alternating the traditional backgammon points with playful stand-ins reflecting the artist’s unique signature. Sir Richard Branson, Mark Ronson and Elle Macpherson are among the VIP owners of a Llewellyn backgammon set.

A Llewellyn board becomes a permanent coffee table fixture


Eden Being is honoured to collaborate with Alexandra Llewellyn and Victoria Swarovski on a custom board inspired by the Brenners Park Hotel & Spa. The board features a deep Brenners green lacquered surface depicting elements from Victoria’s childhood in the Austrian Alps- tall pines, skis, antlers, and tiny emblems she holds dear, like a floating butterfly and an evil eye. The playing pieces are made of weighted brass rings encrusted with sparkling Swarovski crystal centres in white and black.

The Brenners Park Hotel & Spa board by Alexandra Llewellyn x Victoria Swarovski

In addition to the Brenners board, Llewellyn has designed limited edition backgammon sets inspired by Le Bristol, Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc and Eden Roc – St Barths that capture the irresistible essence of these magnificent hotels. All four are available now online at Eden Being. Bring a piece of your holiday haven to your home with an Alexandra Llewellyn backgammon set – a truly special addition to your art collection.

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