Make a toy car and make a memory

Here is a bright idea, don’t just give your child a mini sports car, make one with them. They get a terrific present and a lifetime memory of an exciting childhood to boot.


Phim is a clever German company of excellent eco engineers, hardly surprising given the DNA, who make this gift possible with the easiest kit cars in the world. Their inspiration is a ‘shared family experience’. The sharing is in the making, as the whizzy roadsters are less than a metre long and only the kids will fit on them, so hold back your enthusiasm when you see the hot red, or racing green finished model.

Building and crafting together sparks an initial understanding of construction, key for embryonic German engineers, and meanwhile fuels right brain thinking. It seems a lot to get out of a build-your-own toy, but it’s a fact. If you don’t feel up to constructing a Phim push-car, though they estimate it will only take an hour and a half, they will deliver your racing model preassembled. You still have room to express your imagination and fire up the creativity in the paint and pattern finish.


Phim satisfy your eco ethos too, a happy team work together in local conditions, carbon footprint is low, the product is mostly natural wood and packaging is recyclable. So remember when you were a kid and how you would have felt shooting along on a brilliant sports car you built and designed yourself.

Get a Phim!

Le Bristol Paris push-car

Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa push-car

Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc push-car

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