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Steam engines have been replaced by jet engines since the Globe-Trotter got its name, but the impulse to get out and explore this vast and beautiful world, suitcase in hand, is timeless.

Traditional craftsmanship is visible in the chrome and leather details


As much as travel has changed since Globe-Trotter was founded in 1897, the fundamentals remain very much the same. Every journey, great or small, still begins with a trusty piece of luggage.

The Globe-Trotter suitcase is recognized as a symbol of British luxury design, but it wasn’t always so. The brand had a humble start in a tiny workshop in Saxony, Germany where founder David Nelken developed a technique for moulding Vulcan Fibre, a strong base material made of paper, cotton and wood pulp. He secured a patent for his technique in 1902, without which the Globe-Trotter may never have risen to prominence. The company relocated to London in 1932 and soon after set up a factory in nearby Hertfordshire. Being the only brand with the savoir-faire in shaping Vulcan Fibre, the hard-bodied and lightweight Globe-Trotter came to be known as “The World’s Most Famous Suitcase” during the early half of the 20th century.

Traditional design developed using eco-friendly methods


Today, Globe-Trotter still uses the original 1897 manufacturing methods, including the Vulcan Fibre secret technique. The traditional craftsmanship has been updated with environmentally friendly practices, ensuring unparalleled quality alongside conscientious care for the planet. The hard Vulcan Fibre body is now made from a combination of recycled paper and virgin wood pulp sourced from sustainable forests. Its development requires the use of thousands of gallons of river water that are filtered through the Hertfordshire factory before flowing back into the river in a cleaner state than they came.

The ethos of sustainability is not limited to production, but extends throughout the life of the Globe-Trotter case. Developed in limited numbers, each piece is crafted to be a lifetime travel companion. A steady accumulation of natural scuffs and marks on the suitcase are a covetable sign of worldliness and prestige. Carriers of this timeless travel case join the ranks of such British icons as Winston Churchill and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Roller versions are adapted for today


In collaboration with Oetker Collection, Globe-Trotter has developed five limited edition suitcases available online at Eden Being. Each are lined in a digitally printed hand-painted watercolour depicting the historic Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc, Le Bristol Paris, The Lanesborough of London, Eden Rock – St Barths or Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa. The cabin-sized cases in navy, black or grey feature chrome lock fastens and leather belt straps, and are finished with two wheels and a pull out handle for graceful movability. Inspiring elegance in travel, the Oetker Collection Globe-Trotter is a collector’s piece for the discerning adventurer.

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