Natural wonder

With the verdant Burle Marx Park as a backdrop, São Paulo’s Palácio Tangará is an oasis of serenity in a bustling metropolis.

Trees are a recurrent motif at Palácio Tangará. The Amazon rainforest photographs that line the walls of the Burle Bar, the hotel’s intimate dining venue and late-night lounge, provide a blurring of the lines between park and hotel, adding a natural, leafy accent to this chic and opulent space.


Majestic on the edge of the São Paulo’s tropical Burle Marx Park, Palácio Tangará is an indulgent haven in a vibrant city. The glittering turquoise pool with its iconic butterfly decorative detail complete the picture of a quintessential urban playground.


A flavour of life lived in the grand style runs throughout the Palácio, not least in the hotel’s perfectly proportioned ballroom. In a city that pulses with energy, dance and art, it’s the perfect place for a meeting, a celebration… or even a more intimate moment of music – and love.


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