Panoramic London at Radio Rooftop

Reinventing the luggage label

2 MIN Eden Being has commissioned the Paris-based illustrator Léa Morichon to create its own collection of luggage labels (which are bound into these pages) for Oetker Collection’s masterpiece properties.

Masterpiece Estates Host, Rupert Uloth

2 MIN When you book one of the Masterpiece Estates for a private getaway, Oetker Collection offers the option of a handpicked Host to help make your stay as extraordinary as possible.


Liquid Gold for Health: Château d’Estoublon Olive Oil

2 MIN The wise and gifted Hippocrates proclaimed over 2,000 years ago, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”


A Beekeeper’s Paradise, Château Saint-Martin & Spa

1 MIN Last year, Château Saint-Martin & Spa launched a project entitled French by Nature to promote traditional French artisanship within the hotel.

Les Saint-Barths Expo by François Roelants

2 MIN Gustavia’s Wall House Museum is hosting the second annual St Barths Photo Festival this month for a growing turnout of photography enthusiasts on the island.

Introducing Bodhimaya at The Lanesborough Club & Spa

5 MIN The Lanesborough Club & Spa is delighted to welcome Bodhimaya, the award-winning wellness retreat specialists, with a brand-new residency launching September 2019. 


The art of travel

3 MIN Beautifully designed luggage labels evoke a romantic age of ocean liners and luxury Pullmans, and for Gaston-Louis Vuitton, grandson of Louis Vuitton, these graphic gems became objects of desire in their own right.


Panoramic London at Radio Rooftop

1 MIN Radio Rooftop stretches out atop the ME London Hotel and offers the most gorgeous panoramic views of the city. 

Nature in São Paulo: Parque do Povo

1 MIN Planning to spend a day out shopping in São Paulo’s glamorous Itaim Bibi neighbourhood?

Paris Meets Tokyo at Grand Café Tortoni

2 MIN Grand Café Tortoni is a concept shop and café in the Marais neighbourhood of Paris.